Sun, Aug 14 2005 - Five Waterfalls Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Shilpa Shah, Prachi Mehta, Emily Culpepper, Mark S. Davis, Denice Fischer, Tina Nguyen, Ganesh Krishnamurthy, d merat, Gregg Rice, Claire Stigall, Homa B, Ray Rybicki, Jenn Smithyman, Jennifer Hackney, Venkat Ramisetty, Melissa Whaley, Bruce

Write Up:
After waiting some thirty-five extra minutes (courtesy I was given day previous on Don Hayes hike) for traffic tie-ups on construction delayed I-285-near Buford Hwy; we decided we to go missing four of our group (all dropped for work, sickness found out later). We left in three vehicles, all Hondas at 8:40am on what started out as a warm, sunny day. We arrived in Clayton, and met at Burger King and waited for one carload who had talked past the I-985 turn back near town-took off briefly on I-85, before discovering the error of their ways and recovering nicely; only making us wait about ten minutes extra. No names will be mentioned, but all were happy to have the whole group again; and we were on our way to the first trailhead-some 9 miles east on Warwoman Road. We turned onto Hale Ridge Road-F.S.7 and traveled some slow miles to the Holcomb Creek trailhead. After a little chatting and organizing we were on our way, the short hike to the lovely 125 feet tall Holcomb Creek Falls; and very play friendly waterfall which we climbed, played. Several people, including photo Princess Jenn and photo Queen Tina took the first of many photographs. These were all generously shared with group members a few days after our hike. It was a good social group, as usual, and much enjoyment was shared throughout the day; with many laughs involved and good camaraderie in general. After enjoying Holcomb Creek Falls for about thirty minutes we were off on the short steep hike up to Ammons Falls, which had apparently took some damage to its stout wooden deck, which had previously been undamaged for some fifteen years of my personal visits. The trail to the deck and deck was surrounded by orange caution tape; which unfortunately the trip leader disregarded, decided to use great care as many of us climbed around the deck and carefully up onto the undamaged portions, avoiding holes large trees had knocked into it. After leaving Ammons we were onto the relatively steep Holcomb Creek trail, which Dean hopped, skipped and took off on Turbo-power, like always (love you Dean-teasing all in good fun); as he did all trails this day-off like a rocked sled. We shortly got to our second waterfall spot, the upper falls on Holcomb Creek, which has a nice wading pool. This was our lunch, snack, extended socialization spot in which several people attempted and actually waded in and climbed the falls. I clucked like a chicken when Shilpa came out after a very brief visit, complaining of the cold (buk, bukbuk, buk); and she was quick to remind me I had chickened out and cancelled the previous trip two weeks earlier; which was true. I unfortunately believed weathermans reports that indicated a high likelihood of thundershowers, which later proved inaccurate (if you can imagine that). Dean decided to crawl up this waterfall, in the water flow pattern, and took a surprise and quick downhill slide into the forgiving pool under the bottom; and appeared soon and stood up and smiled and laughed. Jenn, Claire and I, who had climbed up the dry rocks to near the top, were all glad to see he survived the experience. After our visit to the wading pool and upper waterfall here, we were on our way to the more level trail by Holcomb Creek, near its inception, and ended up on the road portion of the hike downhill again to our cars. On the way Jenn and especially Tina took many pretty pictures of wildflowers, including a rare orange orchid, not seen in many places or trails, and quite lovely ‘turks cap’ lily; Tina had to be boosted up a steep bank to get a good picture of it. When we got back to our cars, we were off to our second trailhead, back on Warwoman Road towards Clayton; we pulled in to Warwoman Dell recreation area and parked. We used the fine privy facility available by the picnic area with large bus gearshift type flusher before gathering to go to our longer hike, on the Bartram trail. We had experienced some spots of rain on the drive here, so were not surprised to get some rain, especially on the way back after briefly viewing Maritin Creek Falls (and Becky Branch earlier). We all hiked this longer hike briskly, because of the steady rain on the way back that started at Martin Creek Falls; and myself, thinking of the fine meal coming up in Clayton at the Peking gourmet Chinese restaurant. After driving the brief distance back to Clayton, GA, and to the Peking Gourmet and its deceptive to find entrance-several entrances close to it don’t go to it. We all made it to the restaurant after wrong entrance road funkiness, and most were surprised at the extent of the buffet; some five food islands with extensive choices and expanded since last I visited. We were all sat in the new addition room, all chose the reasonably priced all you can eat buffet, and we ‘had at it’ as they say; many filling plates twice, including myself. We enjoyed more good camaraderie beside the wonderful food and then unfortunately had to say our goodbyes and get back to the big city. It was especially nice to meet many new people on this hike, including Mark, Gregg, Ray Ray, Claire, Jenn, Prachi, Ganesh, and Venky and to see Shilpa and Tina –photoQueen Nguyen for the second time. Turbo-powered Dean always adds a bright light to any trip with his smile, laughter and on-trail riddles. Thanks to all again for a stellar event and your company!
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: none provided