Sat, Jul 2 2011 - Hike Through Devil's Kitchen (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Armin
Participants:Armin, Bob J, Steve W, Allan, Sam L, Eun Joung, brenda, Jenna B, Helena F

Write Up:
     If I told there is a fragrant white flower on the other side of Devil's Kitchen that smells like grits, would you believe me?  Well, its true!  The hike to Sassafras Mountain and back from GA-60 was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and multiple stream crossings.  The hike was listed as a D4, but turned into a D5 after we increased the mileage from 14 to 20 miles approximately.  What a great day to be outside on the trail, the temperature peaked at about 90 degrees and stayed there through the hike.  The hike was shaded the enitre time until we got to Devil's Kitchen.  This is where the sun has a clear shot at anything passing down the trail.  After hiking this portion you might feel as you were walking deleriously through a desert in search of water.  The Devil's Kitchen is not too big though.  We past many groups going northbound on the AT.  We must have seen 30 people out there and shortly after there is a large stream crossing, Justus Creek.  And oddly enough these streams flow norhtbound, hard for me to comprehend.  The prominant peaks we passed over were Ramrock Mountain, Gooch Mountain, Justus Mountain, and finally Sassafras Mountain.  Justus Mountain is agruably the toughest of these acents.  We walked off the trail at about 7:30 pm having started at 9:40 am.  It was indeed a full day hiking.  Some even opted for a little trail running at times. Thanks to all who participated, look forward to another adventure on the trail.