Sun, Jun 16 2002 - Hiking Trip (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Todd Biggs
Participants:Todd Biggs, Michael Boni, Gyllian Christine Berg, Joe Donovan, Todd Biggs

Write Up:
Another Hiking Adventure on the Way! A small group of us have been getting together about once every month and a half to go hiking on some of the neater trails in the North Georgia area. Since it’s been since April since we have led a hike this is our chance to do it again. This one is a day hike at Red Top Mountain State Park. Red Top Mountain State Park offers 10 miles worth of trails: The 5 ½ mile Homestead Trail, the 3 ½ mile Sweet Gum Trail and the 1 mile Lakeside Trail along Lake Allatoona. Each trail is different but can easily be accessed from the visitor’s center or the camping lodge. The trails form a loop around the park so that round-trip on the same trail are not necessary. We hiked the Homestead Trail in the morning and grabbed a little lunch afterwards. After lunch we continued our hiking adventure on the Sweet Gum Trail which is known for its scenic vistas of the lake. Most people finished up the day with a stroll along the lake on the Lakeside Trail. Hope to see you out on our next adventure!
Written By: Todd Biggs
Photos From: Todd Biggs