Sat, May 26 2012 - Panthertown Valley (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Michael Johnson
Participants:Kristi, Michael Johnson, Michelle A, Tim OK, Glenn A, Emily G, Pete Sadel, Cathy S, Greg S, Horacio *, Hannah Leigh, Juan

Write Up:

A diverse interesting group of people, beautiful weather, and an awesome playground in the Panthertown Valley wilderness made for a very fun relaxing weekend.   We modified our starting point to the Cold Mountain side, where the road and parking is better; from here the trail is a moderate downhill to the valley where we luckily were able to secure one of the two large campsites near the Sandbar area.   Much thanks goes to Michael for charting interesting hikes to the waterfalls and to the top of Little Green Mountain.  As most know who go here, navigating is easier than it used to be with some trail head markers, but still confusing (to me!).  The exuberant dogs were at times the center of attention swimming and playing with each other; so fun to watch.   Michelle gets the award for cold water swimmer, starting off at Schoolhouse Falls, with Greg, Michael, Cathy and Hannah later in the afternoon at the Sandbar.  Lots of good conversation between everyone all weekend, with photography tips and lessons from Juan.  Greg and Michael did a great job with firewood; Greg sawing, Michael tree climbing to saw and break off dead branches; during which at some point they discovered that they both grew up in Lisle, Il.  Small world.   Jawbone Falls proved to be a great Sunday morning hang-out; the longer we stayed the more we wanted to stay, but Warden Falls called us to check out that one as well, so we trekked along to it; a tough muddy vertical trail in places, but beautiful!

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