Sat, Jan 19 2013 - Lake Winfield Scott to Blood Mountain - Newcomers to Mountain Hiking Welcome (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Steven Koonce, John Stirman, Nancy L
Participants:Steven Koonce, John Stirman, Norma A, Spencer Dunn, Nancy L, Divya N, Yamei, James Perry, Damien, Richard K, Jess H, Greg Walling, kesava, Brian K, Jennifer F.

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Write Up:

     It was horrible… that we had no snow for our hike today on Blood Mountain!  But what we did get instead was a great temperature for trekking, a plethora of picturesque rain-swollen creek crossings, remarkable views from the top of the mountain, and a great esprit de corps from our group of hikers.  Among our 15 hikers were many (including me) who made this their “first” mountain hike and we’d like to especially thank Steven for setting this up and for tacking on a few extra miles to make up for the lack of snow ;-)  – A Happy Hiker