Sat, Apr 6 2013 - ^^ Summit GAs Highest Peaks: #6 - Slaughter Mountain (4338) ^^ (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Andrea Nunn
Participants:Kristi, Andrea Nunn, Carolyn Naser, Teri, Mark

Write Up:

We had a gorgeous day for this hike. Chilly and breezy beginning.  There were five of us, including co-leader/potential trip leader Andrea.  After hitting the Duncan Ridge trail, we veered off trail to cut over to Slaughter Gap; (roughly following the former trail that summitted Blood Mtn), and picked it back up there.  From the gap we hiked about 1/2 mile, no more, and had lunch.  The appetite for bush-whacking to the top was a bit low so we didn't do it.  We turned back and summitted Blood Mtn where we hung out at "the rock" for about 1/2 hour basking in the sun.  The landscape was still the winter views with no leaves on the trees.  

Note that the MacDonald's in Dahlonega is under renovation/is not there at all; the Chick Filet proved to be a better pit stop on the way to Suches.

Thanks to those who attended; it was fun!  Hope to see you all soon!