Fri, May 24 2013 - After Work Friday Afternoon at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Libby G, Janet, Sue M., Joyce, Tim G., Nikki, Kimberlyb425, Debbie M, Merrilee H, Alison Rhodes, Mark, Wolfgang, karen steinberg, alanpugh, Lisa, Frances

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Write Up:
Island Ford seems to offer surprises of many kinds. Today, it was the sighting of a white rabbit off the upper parking lot. As rabbits are wont to do, that one turned into two--then three--until the final count became seven! France's and Merrilee were determined to try to rescue what were obviously cute little Easter bunnies that had now grown into full-fledged rabbits, so after our hike, they spearheaded an effort to catch them so that Frances could take them to a bunny rescue facility. (Yes, folks, there is such a place!) Alan, Libby, Lisa, Joyce, Frances, Sue, and Merrilee had a blast chasing rabbits until it was time for the park to close its gates. We managed to capture 3 of them . . . better than none. White rabbits don't have a chance in the wild. Pictures to be posted soon.