Sat, May 10 2003 - Advanced beginner Canoeing (Etowah River) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Udo Licht, Milagros Rondon, , Joe Donovan, Jacqui Chew, John Weber, Thom Figueroa, Heather Scheiderer, Constantine Dovrolis, Phil Gard, Mr. Gard, Chris Coppola, Mary Kathryn Brown, Philip Gilbert

Write Up:
Several of us met at the carpool early Saturday morning and then drove up to the outfitters, where we met the rest of our group. After a brief safety video, we grabbed life-vests and paddles and piled into a shuttle. When we arrived at the put in point, we received a brief lesson in canoeing and were set loose on the river. The first part of the trip down the river was uneventful, with a few minor rapids. About an hour into the trip, we came upon some shoals, which featured an approximately three foot drop. We stopped before the shoals and debated whether or not they were the fabled Etowah Falls. After determining they were not, Joe, who was paddling a sit-on-top, graciously volunteered to be the first one over. Udo and Heather, in a canoe, followed Joes successful run. At the halfway point in the trip, we came upon the aforementioned Etowah Falls and stopped for a relaxing lunch. After lunch, we portaged around the falls and continued our relaxing journey down the river.
Written By: Olen Daelhousen
Photos From: various