Sat, Aug 31 2013 - Amicalola Falls to Len Foote Hike Inn (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Larry Cooper, Joyce T.
Participants:Diane, Larry Cooper, Joyce T., SusanF, Niv H., Glenn A, Wayne A, Eileen F., Linda M, Judy, John Stirman, BrendaV, Beth Ash, Jennifer S

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Write Up:

Larry's slow pace has gotten mighty fast, me thinks!  The group of 14 kept up well . . . including our two newbies, Linda and Brenda.  How nice to have you two ladies with us on your first event! Three participants (Niv, Judy, and Glenn) were on both our hike and Chris L.'s camping trip.  Along the trail, we picked up another camping member, Bob D., who was all alone, trying to find people from the camping group to hook up with. We took him under our wing as we made our way down the Approach Trail to the parking lot.  We also encountered Matthew's backpacking group (including Sherry, Chuck, Steve, Myra, Ron, and Keith) and soon thereafter passed Jackie B. and Steve, who were following along at a distance.  Finally, we ran across Angela and Maria who were making their way by car to a remote camping area of their own.

Our group had a delightful, challenging hike and a welcomed respite at the Inn.  Cherry cobbler was available, as well as plenty to drink.  After lunch in the dining hall (where we shared Judy's yummy home made spring rolls) we lounged around the overlook area for a bit, allowing Joyce and John to take several photos.

John noticed a new resource on Facebook which allows friends to add their photos to a posted album.  So folks will be able to see both Joyce's photos and John's.  (If anyone else has photos to add, Joyce can invite them to share them as well.)

Rain?  Nary a drop for the entire hike, though we heard plenty of thunder during the last half of our hike.  Thanks to all for making the day so enjoyable.  ~  Joyce