Sun, Apr 20 2003 - Beginner kayaking on the Cartecay (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Udo Licht
Participants:Susan Cooper, Michael Koetzing, Brian Sheehy, Karin Muller, Laura, Michelle Waluda, Udo Licht

Write Up:
The trip went well, and everyone survived! We had some good runs down the rapids, and not too many swims. It was a bit cold - full wetsuits were needed and the outfitter only had ones without arms (farmer john type suits). A recommendation for anyone going in the future at this time of year is to find (or rent) a full-length 3/2 mil wetsuit from somewhere before going, if they get cold easily. The outfitter is very nice, and actually gave us not just one guide, but two others to help out, so it was essentially a 1-1 guide-student ratio. The guide helped with instruction as well.
Written By: Udo Licht
Photos From: none