Sat, Nov 22 2014 - Raven Cliff Falls with a Dukes Creek Bonus - New Date! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Olin S
Participants:John Stirman, Olin S, Eve G, Lee Strattan, Eileen F., Tracy Lynch, KimVo, Daveo, Fatima Virani, Marina, Youri Smeshko, Karen R

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Write Up:

With fewer leaves on the trees, the falls looked spectacular. One of the best times of the year to hike the Raven Cliffs Falls and Duke's Creek Falls trails. This group of 12 AOC hikers hiked a total of 7.3 miles and enjoyed some of the best series of cascades and falls easily accessable in the N. GA moutains. A great time was had by all. A very special welcome to Eve G. and her 1st event with the AOC! Where did all that water come from? It all starts with rainfall which is absorbed by trees, foilage, and soil. Much of the rain ends up in underground water tables and re-emerges from "spring seeps". The headwaters of Dodd's Creek (Raven Cliffs Falls) is from springs located at 3,380 ft elevation near Hog Pen Gap. Davis Creek (Duke's Creek Falls) is from springs located at 2,850ft elevation near Morris Gap. Many thanks to John Stirman for posting this event and Olin S for leading us on his 3rd PTL, Prospective Trip Leader, event and selecting these trails!